Predating the bible ati catalyst not updating

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As someone who was raised and educated as a Christian, I decided long ago to read the Bible myself and this endeavor led to my desire to understand as much as possible by also reading reference books that promised to reveal the secrets of the Holy Book.

With that being said, archaeologists have unearthed Sumerian Tablets dating to over 4 Millennium ago.There is no truth to the stories in the Bible as none of them can be proven at all, not historically, secularly or even by theologians.I have been a Christian my whole life but after reading and researching this for years, I find that Jesus was a made up being, for no other reason than to control his people and instill the fear of god into his people so he had better control.the Translators Preface), their manipulation of textual data, their frequent misquoting of sources, their distortion of history and lies without end in short, their thoroughly deceitful treatment of the Bible version issue, makes it difficult to resist the suspicion that King James Onlyism has a sinister interest in preserving these translation and textual errors in the Bible.It must be emphasized that these mistranslations did not originate with the King James Version but in the Wycliffe translation, which was translated from the Latin Vulgate.

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