Friends reunted dating

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Yet in any roll call of the pioneers of the e-era, this 52-year-old software engineer is surely right up there, with his rags-to-riches tale of dot-com glory.

Back in 2000, from his back bedroom in suburban north London, Pankhurst, his wife Julie and friend Jason Porter launched Friends Reunited, a social networking site before the phrase had even been uttered.

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ITV bought the site for £120m in 2005 but sold it to DC Thomson four years later for £25m. Despite the tidal wave of obituaries for Friends Reunited, he has resisted all offers of face-to-face interviews, finally agreeing to meet me in typical geek fashion on Skype - sound only, no pictures.

“Take Mark Zuckerberg,” Pankhurst muses on the Facebook founder. Except that nowadays geeky techies are almost cool. “By nature,” he apologises as I stare at the blank screen, “I’m not someone who likes standing up in front of people.

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