Dating the age of teddy bears

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One thousand Britons were surveyed, and when asked why they still slept with their childhood soft toy, the most common response was: "I just can't bring myself to get rid of it", with "It reminds me of my childhood" and "It just helps me sleep" coming in close behind.

At a young age, teddy bears and all manner of other such plush characters are thrust upon us and we create bonds with them that we feel shall last forever.There are important vintage bears from the earliest prototypes by The Ideal Toy Company, as well as Steiff, Farnell, Merrythought, Deans, Chiltern, vintage Chad Valley and many others.The collection also includes a unique group of specially commissioned replicas of the world's most famous and valuable bears that have achieved world record-breaking prices at auction.This Bear brings with it comfort, joy and love, but just as importantly, it offers true support: 20% of every sale is donated directly to the Amputee Coalition to support their mission.Learn More There's a story that goes with every opened Bear box, and we want to hear all about yours!!

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