Dating marriage and autism a personal perspective

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Disclaimer: I don’t mean to be overly simplistic here. But holding onto unforgiveness is like drinking the poison thinking the other person will die. This is a conscious choice that happens in the head, not the heart.

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If you are the victim of a cheating spouse, we feel for you and the pain you are experiencing can be immobilizing and all consuming.

The very foundation of your marriage is ruptured as the vows to each other to be faithful, to love, to honor, to cherish are broken. Dreams are crushed, families are torn apart, joy is robbed, and kids are impacted for years to come…

all for a fleeting fantasy that the grass may be greener elsewhere.

(By the way- every single time this article is shared on a large Facebook page I am forced to read a backlash from people who choose to be offended by the word “mild” in the title. I don’t like the word either.) are completely normal. 5) If you have it mildly, you’re at the awkward midpoint of being ‘normal enough’ for everyone to expect the same from you as everyone else, but ‘autistic enough’ to not always reach those expectations.

6) The above means that a of things are Your Fault. Sometimes because they don’t know what autism is (or have clichéd ideas), sometimes because they don’t know you very well so they’ll see you as a walking syndrome, and sometimes because you’re just bloody nervous about talking about it.

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