Consolidating software applications

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Black Line builds solutions that modernize the finance and accounting to empower greater productivity and detect accounting errors before they become problems.

Black Line products work in unison to eliminate manual spreadsheet-dependent processes prone to human error.

For companies with multiple systems rolled up through a consolidation system, Black Line Consolidation Integrity Manager automates the tedious system-to-system reconciliation process.

By integrating with systems, bringing data into a centralized location, and providing an automated workflow to investigate discrepancies, Consolidation Integrity Manager replaces the manual process of comparing multiple ledgers to a consolidation system.

If the subsidiary companies use multiple systems you probably can’t move all of them asap.

Alternately, you might find that some of your current financial practices are based on outdated compliance issues that have been superseded by new legislation or internal controls. Choose a consolidated system that takes your company's IT roadmap into consideration.

If your company is mobile-friendly, make sure that the system has mobile apps across multiple platforms.

Not so much these days, especially at big companies, however. They think that consolidating applications and datacenters is just too much to tackle at once, and that app consolidation has a big enough benefit that it doesn't need to ride the datacenter's coattails. One in five respondents to our survey cites "pushback from users" as the No.

1 barrier, tied with lack of budget and limited resources.

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