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06 - Internet crime is booming as more and more people use online services. Could you tell the story of your life in just six words? We hear from an environmental expert who argues that we shou 17 - If you argue with someone in a shop or market over the price of something, we call this ? or very expensive things.20 - Has a change in drinking laws in England and Wales affected people? They are among the cars and rickshaws, discussing a topic that's not going anywhere fast: traffic...

Jackie and Callum talk about the language of some of the most common computer-related crimes, otherwise known as 'cybercrimes'.07 - The American writer, Ernest Hemingway, bet ten dollars that he could write a complete story in just six words. Join Jackie and Callum as they share theirs.09 - Many beautiful animals, such as pandas and whales, are in danger of being killed off by human activity. 27 - We look at the results of a recent survey in which 3,000 British people were asked to pronounce some of the most difficult words in the English language.

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The 'mosquito' emits an annoying sound which only young people can hear.

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Link Eng is updated weekly with new 6-minute episodes.For the next quarter century, Lloydminster remained two separate towns with two separate municipal administrations.02 - Occasionally, at work or at home, someone will say something that is very rude and offensive.How can you react in a way that makes this person realise how shocked and offended you are by their words?05 - Jackie and Callum talk about a new device which some people are using to get rid of gangs of teenagers.

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